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Families recover from Family Day

BC families were left reeling this weekend after the province's annual Family Day holiday. Introduced in 2013 by the provincial government to promote family unity and togetherness, the weekend saw a increase in divorce rates and a rise in cases of PTSD.

Jane, a Surrey mother of three, "My unemployed husband Frank left the house at 8am, claiming he had to go work, left me alone with the kids. I haven't seen him since."

Fred, a North Vancouver father of eight, saw the positive side -"My wife insisted on staying in bed, claimed she was experiencing an early menopause, so I took the kids to the mall. Malls have a bad name but we love them, the hustle n' bustle, those lights and things. They're like towns with roofs, right?!"

Sociologist, professor Al Salvador explained it as follows - "We have seen a new phenomenon, it's a form of PTSD caused by being in close proximity to family members for extended periods of time. This Post-Family Stress Disorder (or PFSD) is most evident around the Thanksgiving and Holiday periods. Family Day only exacerbates the problem."


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