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Man wakes from coma after 35 years

CHILLIWACK, BC—A man was discharged from hospital this week after lying in a coma for thirty-five years.

On a night back in 1981, the now 70 year-old artichoke farmer – Nester Buchholz, was driving home from the annual Salad & Slaw Dinner Dance with his wife Esther when they were stopped at a police checkpoint.

In a state of blind panic, the intoxicated Nester, who over the course of the night had consumed a whole bottle of sherry through a straw, suddenly lunged into his wife’s bag and demolished an entire month of birth control pills, thinking they were breath fresheners.

When he regained consciousness two days ago a relieved, now 60 year-old, Esther was by his side. A hospital spokesman said that Nester was in good spirits despite a bout of pre-natal depression and a newly acquired limp.


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