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It's no longer a dog's life in Moose Jaw

SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA—A scheme introduced by Canada’s postal service where postmen and postwomen were issued with food snacks and toys to distract aggressive dogs has backfired.

According to a Canada Post spokesman – the scheme, introduced in Moose Jaw, southern Saskatchewan, was in response to ongoing complaints from postal staff that their jobs were becoming more hazardous due to over-aggressive dogs.

To counter this, Canada Post issued its staff with toys and morsels of food to toss over garden fences or shove through letterboxes as a way of distracting the pets when the postie felt severe injury or even death was imminent.

The scheme has resulted in Moose Jaw dog owners being inundated with plastic toys, rubber balls and a variety of foodstuffs. And they’re not at all happy.

Local librarian, vegetarian and contrarian, Elsa Grape, explained the reason for the discontent—“Our Jessie is a two year-old Chihuahua. Sure she gets excited but why she had a leg of lamb tossed at her is beyond me—and it was frozen at that. It’ll take at least a week for the vet to straighten out her tail.”

Canada Post responded—“We’re aware that the scheme needs a little tweaking – yes, we've heard of one case of a Dachshund suffering concussion after being hit by a basketball and another where a poodle was knocked unconscious by a vibrator but at the end of the day everyone wins, happy posties and happy dogs mean a more frequent, more reliable mail service."


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