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Town does away with odd shoe sizes

PAYET, IDAHO—Toes will have a little more wiggle room if a small town in Idaho gets its way. Mayor Jessie Kirkpatrick and the residents of Payet have introduced a scheme that will do away with odd shoe sizes.

Since February last, the only adult sizes available in stores have been 6, 8, 10 and 12s.

Mayor Kirkpatrick points to the bigger picture—"We saw it as an environmental and a conservation issue. Leather is a valuable commodity. It's crazy to see so many shoe sizes available, not to mention half-sizes, no other item of clothing has such a generous range of choices.”

Many residents of Payet are happy to follow in their mayor’s footsteps.

Kirkpatrick —“Folks will simply have to get used to the process of rounding up. If someone was a size 7, they’re now a size 8."

Local store owner, Melvin Hokkenheimer, supports the initiative –“Having to wear two or more extra pairs of socks is a small price to pay, especially as it gives a much-needed boost to the environment and to sock manufacturers."

Elementary school teacher, Rita Effington, agrees—“Thicker socks, tighter laces, do the math!"

However not everybody rounded up. Ladder tester, Waylon Summers (60), confessed – “I rounded down. I used to be size 9 but I chose to go with a size 8. It's a bit cosier – okay I might need a new hip sooner than I expected but it's a useful reminder to clip my toenails regularly."


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