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Couple split up over vacation rental

CRANBROOK, BC—The popularity of Airbnb, the website for people to list, find and rent accommodation continues to grow with over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities across the globe. But its popularity has waned of late in the Dudek household.

Norm and Daisy Dudek’s 43-year marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce last week when Norm was browsing Airbnb rentals in the local area and spotted his side of the bed listed for rent.

The 78 year-old, retired turkey whisperer explained – “So over a few beers, my buddy Ed let it slip that he was earning a few extra bucks by renting out his outhouse with this air, bed and breakfast. So I logged on the very next day and there it was – a photo of my side of the bed, at $50-a-night, with a special offer of a hot chocolate for groups of more than three.”

Norm’s surprise didn’t end there. Also listed on the site was the Dudek’s closet and bath, each listed at $30-a-night.

Daisy was on a short vacation and couldn’t be reached for comment but her lawyer has claimed that she has had no takers for the bed or the closet but that a family of South Dakotans had stayed three nights in the bath.


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