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Landmark victory for lucky Irish woman

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA – An Irish-American woman was awarded substantial damages yesterday after suing her employer for racial discrimination.

Peggy Hoolihan, a 60 year-old shelf stacker at the Right Price Food Store, sued after her general manager accused her of being lucky.

Ms. Hoolihan's lawyer described his client’s ordeal – “This is yet another example of blatant workplace stereotyping and discrimination. Nobody should have to live through this daily routine. Day after day, Peggy fended off accusations of being lucky, that somehow luck was the only driving force in her life.”

On the steps of the courthouse, an inebriated Ms. Hoolihan explained – “For me the final straw was when my store manager asked me to rearrange the cereal aisle. Suddenly I was standing amongst hundreds of boxes of Lucky Charms, each and every box reminding me of my shortcomings. The experience touched me on a very visceral level, and eventually turned me to drink.”

She added – “If you saw the leprechaun I wake up beside every morning, you’d know that my luck ran out the day I got married.”


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